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Keep Your World at Your Fingertips with Our Solutions in Mobile Development

We all wish to keep our world at fingertips, where all the things are easy and quickly accessible, along with the functionality that we need. Mobile phones
could be considered as the best invention ever.  In fact, mobile phones have shortened the gap between our worlds. And with
the launch of smart phones (over a decade ago) the market the revolution was just getting started.

In other words, with the launch of smart phones and the mobile OS (Operating System) the world quickly adopted all the capabilities and potentialities of mobile devices.  Furthermore, smart phones such as iPhone and Android added fuel to the fire, as a result the demand for mobile
applications has reached a new high.  Now, there is a requirement  in almost every industry  for mobile applications that help to
manage business effectively.

Most mobile solutions are not complete unless one has the complete knowledge on all the major mobile OSs. WalkerWare is a web development company with over 8 years of mobile expertise and experience.  Our solutions cover all the major smart phone OSs including Symbian, iPhone, iPhone 4 & iPad, Android and the latest Windows Phone. Below is a brief description on all of them.

Symbian is an open source mobile operating system released almost over a decade ago and currently maintained by Nokia. It supports numerous
applications and has served as the top-selling mobile OS for almost a decade.

iPhone (iOS):
iPhone was the first mobile phone released by Apple Inc. in 2007. The iPhone Operating System (iOS) is now also used in iPod touch, iPhone 4 / iPad and Apple TV. It currently supports thousands of applications and games. Currently, iPhone the need for iPhone application development is the highest ever.

Android is also an open source mobile operating system, offered by search giant Google. Unlike its competitor iOS it is not a dedicated operating
system and is available by various mobile companies. It supports thousands of applications and games, and is the most rapidly growing mobile operating
system in the market.

Windows Phone:
Windows Phone is the next generation smart phone mobile OS launched by Microsoft, in October 2010. It is well-known for its unique tiles
based user interface and hubs.

Our Solutions in Mobile Development
From basic to complex enterprise level applications, our expert mobile application developers are versatile to cover your every requirements of mobile development on any mobile operating system.

At WalkerWare, we have the menu containing the recipe of all your mobile application development needs. With our team of professional mobile application developers we are
able to cook the top-notch solutions which meets your exact requirements; all these, on time and in-budget. Our solutions include
  • Online catalog management software
  • CMS software
  • Email and chat clients
  • Inventory management
  • Accounting
  • Agricultural Applications
  • Travel and navigation apps
  • Games
  • Industry specific apps and many more tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Contact us to know more benefits about web design and web development, software development and mobile app development with WalkerWare.

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